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New Zombie Horror Project Teased By Bandai Namco

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Bandai Namco has a creepy new teaser site up for something called “Summer Horror Project” that’s hinting at a new horror game. Among the keywords in the site’s source code there is a mention of zombies, and clicking on the social media buttons lets you share the message “A mysterious site appears? Something will happen this summer…”.

The site is titled “Summer Horror Project”, You can check it out at this link as it’s been created by the Japanese side of the company, as it’s simply a single picture of a home at dusk. But there’s a little more to it that gives off the creepy vibe as the sky above it keeps moving with dimly lit orange clouds while the home is being observed or played back from what appears to be an older video footage reel. The video is labeled “domas-SCENE01” with a date of August 30, 2018 attached.

It appears that we won’t have to wait much longer to find out exactly what Bandai Namco’s new game is all about. We expect that the site will continue to update with new details and/or videos, and perhaps those new domas scenes will offer up more clues about the project. For the moment there is no mention of platforms or release windows.

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