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Fortnite Is Good For Gaming, Electronic Arts says

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Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is making waves in the gaming industry for how successful it has become. The battle royale title has taken the world by storm and on every platform it’s been released for, it’s seen increasingly larger audiences. And while some might think that its dominance might be cause for worry for other other developers and publishers who are also in the competitive online shooter market, EA actually seems to be pretty pleased about the game’s success. 

During the company’s earnings call, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson said that Fortnite is good for gaming, where he feels that it being so popular actually expands on the audience of gaming, which ultimately creates more opportunities for the industry as a whole. “So what we have seen is that Fortnite continues to, what we believe, expand the audience,” Wilson said. “And so our expectation is that as they continue to expand the audience, that provides tremendous opportunity for us going into the holiday season, particularly as we think about launching Madden and FIFA and Battlefield into what is a growing player audience.”

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, meanwhile, admits that Fortnite’s success has obviously had at least some level of impact on EA’s own business as well, but while that is true, he also feels that EA too is also ultimately going to benefit from a larger number of people playing video games in general.

"Without a doubt, Fortnite has been a phenomenon in the industry, and I'm sure it's taken up people's time. We have a hard time pointing to exactly where that's impacted our business, but I am sure it is taking up people's time across the industry," Jorgensen said. "But we also know that, that means more and more people are brought in to play games and will enjoy games in the future, in particular, first-person shooter games down the road."

And, well, yeah, that makes sense. Fortnite has been a massive success, and undoubtedly it’s brought a great number of people into the fold, for just the entirety of video games in general, many people who probably didn’t play games all that much. In that, and in so much more, it’s been a phenomenal success, and it goes without saying that those who’ve had Fortnite as an entry point may very well end up looking for other video game experiences as well.

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