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Arch-Tempered Teostra Coming to Monster Hunter World on August 10th

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Capcom graced players with the inclusion of the Arch Tempered Elder Dragons: Kirin and Vaal Hazak, back in June and July respectively. Now Capcom has announced new Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons coming to Monster Hunter World. The first is Teostra.

Arch Tempered Teostra will be the first monster to beat August 10-23 during the Scorn of the Sun event. Another gamma (y) set will be available during the event. While we don’t know what Arch-Tempered Teostra will bring in terms of damage or vile conditions, such Elder Dragons tend to have a lot more health and deal far more damage. Ask anyone who had to contend with Arch-Tempered Kirin or Vaal Hazak in the past few months. Of course, successfully slaying Arch-Tempered Teostra will reward players with tickets to craft Gamma versions of the Teostra armour.

If that weren’t enough, in September, players will battle against another Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon: Arch-Tempered Kushala Daora. Yes, the hurricane-happy annoyance will now have an Arch-Tempered form. Have fun not getting one-shot by its gales! Once again, a gamma (y) armor set will be the reward.

Monster Hunter World will also receive a hefty new update later today with Behemoth. This brings Final Fantasy 14’s Behemoth to the game as a limited time event along with new Dragoon gear and weapons to craft.

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